We are a Jakarta-based digital marketing company focused on maximising our clients’ media investments to drive better consumer-centric results. Pipilaka is the old Sanskrit word for ‘ants’ – and just like their dedication to their Queen, we’re obsessed with helping our clients blaze their best trail out of this galaxy.

Our Services

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Social Media Management

As social media has become a part of your customers daily life, let’s be where they are! What makes your choice of social media platforms reach and grow your targeted customers successfully? You need people with advanced competences to create a powerful communication strategy. Through social media and a wide range of media marketing tools, our team of digital marketing experts will help build your brand awareness, maintain your brand image, discover potential customers, and track your performance.



Social Media Strategic Planning - Brand Positioning, Customer Acquisition & Resources Management
Social Media Analytics - Customer Insights & Performance Tracking
Social Media Advertising - Creative Campaign Strategy
Social Media Content Creator – Creative Content Execution
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Customer Relationship Management Application

Maintaining relationship with your customers is almost always the most important part of a business. Mobile app is used as a platform where a business can build and maintain relationship with their customers online. Our Mobile UX designers are ready to design your dreams into reality! We will provide you with different selections of application designs that suits to your business concept and you can always add advanced functionality to your web and mobile app that will strengthen your relationship with your customers.
It’s time to get close and personal with your customers!



Web and Mobile App Design and Development
Web and Mobile App Maintenance
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Website Management

Whether you’re an artist, freelancer, small-to-medium business or established, your website is one of the very first windows customers have into your brand — so it should speak for you in the way you want to be represented. Our team of talented web designers and developers, along with our award-winning brand strategists and creative content creators will help you create websites that tell your story straight and present your ideas in a standout fashion.



Website Content Management - Articles, pictures, and other creative contents for your website
Website Creative Design - Custom Web design and interface tailored to your needs
Website Maintenance - 24x7 Web Support for a dependable web service
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Offline Advertising

Is your business running a sale, launching a new product or introducing a new offering? Put it on a sign or chalkboard outside of your business location to catch customers attention and bring them in! Online advertising is not the only way to get new customers, but offline advertising can be effective too for your business to grow. Our experienced marketing team is ready to help you out planning your future offline advertising strategy effectively, so complex decisions are easier to solve.



Print Media Advertising – Billboards, Newspapers, Magazines, Brochures, Postcards
Radio Advertising
Events Development
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Search Engine Optimisation

The Internet is a place that keeps on growing and growing. So how do you stand out amongst your competitors on Google and drive potential customers to your website? Through the use of professional tools and SEO analytics, our marketing experts will help you improve your Google ranking so your brand gets found for better customer awareness and experience.



Site Audit
Competitiors Discovery Report
Organic Traffic Insights
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Television & Digital Video Production

Planning your video content strategy can be challenging. It’s important to produce video content that not only supports your larger marketing goals, but also conveys your message in a way that is appealing to your target audience. There’s no question that video has become a staple medium for content marketers, and depending on your strategy and branding goals, several of the production styles listed above may be appropriate vehicles for your content. Combine brainstorming, conceptualization, development and production into simple, seamless, and scalable video content suitable for all broadcasting needs.



Film and Video Production
Various Television Program
Jingel Composer
Audio Production