We are a Jakarta-based digital marketing company focused on maximising our clients’ media investments to drive better consumer-centric results. Pipilaka is the old Sanskrit word for ‘ants’ – and just like their dedication to their Queen, we’re obsessed with helping our clients blaze their best trail out of this galaxy.

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Media Strategy Implementation

Your business should know where it wants to go in order for it to grow. Our visionary brand strategy experts work with your business strategy and targeted business to provide you with the right media selections for successful media investment optimisation. Market research through quantitative and qualitative analysis provide you with the best recommendation on which market can be most effectively targeted and identify who your potential target audience will be.

Media Planning

Everyday our professional strategic planners with experience in different market industries collaborate and share ideas in our offices. Together, they’ll cook up perfect recipes for your business in choosing the most optimal media platforms and provide you with the best recommendation to synchronise multi-channel digital touch points at the most effective cost.

Media Buying

There’s no use hiding it: marketing is traditionally seen as expensive business – but our friendly partnerships with local and global strategic media partners allow us to purchase the best price for online and offline media channels including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, display media, print media, radio and TV. You can rest assured that we’ll make your money go a long way.

Media Campaign Management

Sometimes words and actions get misconstrued and your intentions get misunderstood – well not on our watch! Our team of creative content creators guided by campaign planners will manage your media campaign in order to correctly execute your vision. They’ll help you voice your message to effectively reach your target audience through integrated marketing communication (IMC). We’ll take care of all the essential tools your campaign needs to achieve your objectives and more.

Media Reporting

At Pipilaka, we believe that the information age has transformed marketing into an exact science. Our data analysts continuously monitor and evaluate the results and performance of your campaign to provide you with data-driven business intelligence that will drive better decision-making. We’ll report on trends and highlights that provide feedback directly from the consumer to your business.

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